Monday, May 04, 2009

Dear Anonymous Commenter

You read a post from three years ago at this link about the Celtic Cross scarf I was making as a Christmas gift.

You commented:
At 12:29 AM, May 04, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! I love the celtic braid you are making, the problem that I have is that I have search all internet looking where this pattern is sold and I can`t find it! please, where this pattern is located?

Thank you!

I'd love to answer directly, but you left me no contact information. But I will tell you this, in case it wasn't clear from subsequent posts: as stated in this post,

(it's an original pattern published by the yarn store's "house brand").

There once was a fiber store in town called Fiberworks Knitting and Weaving. The purveyor of said shop designed his own patterns under the name Otter Originals, one of which was the Celtic Cross Scarf I knit up. Unfortunately for Anonymous, not only is the pattern not published commercially, but the store went out of business a year or so ago.

However, I recall seeing a commercial pattern out there somewhere as recently as last month. I remember I looked at it, thought, "Gee that looks just like the Celtic Cross I made", and promptly forgot about it until now.

My suggestion: try Ravelry. Or look at or other commercial designers. It's out there. And next time, leave contact information. Thanks!



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