Thursday, April 03, 2008

Seed Faith, LOA—It WORKS!!!


Guess what was e-faxed to me this afternoon!


Now. It's not close to the asking price. But it is more than half. And, they are very willing to allow us to counter and to negotiate. They plan to gut 90% of it and rebuild—basically they are buying the land and the frame of the house. (And the outbuildings, I assume.)

This is all we needed to have happen in order to settle this thing.

Excuse me for a moment if any of you have God issues you might want to look away because I have something to say. I give ALL the glory up to God because HE ANSWERED MY PRAYERS!!!

I also thank all of YOU for adding your prayers and energies to this!

All right. Now for an admission. Because if I don't make this admission, I'm doing God an injustice.

I did something I've never done before.

Sometimes I watch Joel Osteen. Sometimes I watch Richard Roberts. Well, Monday night I was watching Richard, listening to all these testimonies of how people had a need, planted a seed and lo and behold, their prayer was answered in amazing ways. This lead to an argument with my brain (it happens sometimes).

My brain said "Maybe you should try planting one of those seed faith gifts." I said, "Are you crazy?!? We have bills to pay and barely enough to cover us through the month! You want me to give away a chunk of that to some TV ministry?"

Brain said "Uh, yeah."

I said "What if it doesn't work? Then we're out X amount of dollars. We can't afford to do that."

Brain said "But... what if it DID work?"

Me: *crickets*

Brain: "So you make a charitable donation. It's getting spent somewhere. Might as well give it a shot, eh? Because what if it DID work? Have you ever tried it before?"

Me: "Well... no..."

Brain: "All your LOA books say giving money away attracts more into your life, right?"

Me: "Uh... yeah..."

Brain: "Even the Bible says so. Right?"

Me: "Right..."

Brain: "Nothing else you've tried has really worked, besides a lot of affirmations... what if this is the push you need?"

Me: "Uh..."

And so I mulled it over and I said "OK, God, if you want me to do this, tell me how much."

It just so happens that RR is currently running a mission for $100 seed faith gifts. Well, when you don't have a lot in the bank, that's a month's worth of groceries. Or an electric bill. I was scared.

But RR says "If it doesn't impress you, it won't impress God." The idea "give til it hurts" is accurate to a point. You can't give and be casual about it. You have to feel a little something when you give. Go just past your comfort zone. Well, $100 was just past my comfort zone.

So I called.

It was busy.

I hit redial as the singers were singing.

I said, "OK, if they haven't answered by the time they're done singing, I'm hanging up and forgetting about it."

The singers ended.

I was about to hang up and of course...

I started out with my pledge amount, then I explained my need: to sell the properties in order to settle the estate and end the rift and legal battle that threatens to ruin my family.

I got prayer.

As the lady was praying, the weirdest thing happened.

I began to feel warm all over. Not just warm. Not a hot flash. Not "the heater in the cat room just turned on and I'm toasty". Not I have a fever.

No. This was bigger. I felt like I was in a blazingly hot oven—heat, but no pain. It was that burning. All over.

It was kind of like being in a tanning booth only ten times the heat (and no benefit to my Ohio pallor).

This lasted until just after we hung up.

Draw your own assumptions.

Now, RR comes on at 11 PM Ohio time. The show ended at midnight. I was already in my nightgown with my post-showered hair in a towel.

I was paying by check. Now, I could have waited until the next day to casually write my check. But I didn't.

I got up. Pulled on my sweats. Took off the towel. Found my checkbook. Wrote the check. Put it in an envelope, addressed, etc. Went out into the pouring rain at midnight, IN MY NIGHTGOWN AND SLIPPERS, and drove to the post office to make sure that check was already in the mail. As I slid it into the box, I released my faith.

I'm calling in tonight to share my own testimony.

It really does work.

These buyers want to close on the 30th. Or earlier. Skeptics beware—I know all the many "but what ifs" that y'all could be thinking, but... if you were to read the tone of the letter the buyers sent, you'd know as I do that this IS our answer, that they are very interested, they are open to counters. They said "Please consider this offer, and accept or counter as you see fit. I am confident we can reach terms that are satisfactory for both parties".

Tell me that doesn't sound like a motivated buyer.


God is awesome.

So are all of you who lent your prayers and energy to this. Bless you all.

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