Sunday, February 05, 2012

Super BAAAA Sunday!!!

It's all Lisa's fault.

We were over on Facebook commenting on Franklin Habit's post ("I only regret having regained full consciousness in time for the Super Bowl", and it got out of hand.

I said: "The... Super... What? I don't know about you, but today is National Knitting-My-@$$-Off-Ignoring-The-TV Day."
Lisa responded: "We should start a Super Baaaaaa in the long and glorious tradition of the Ravelympics and Tour de Fleece."

Several comments later, we'd fully hijacked Franklin's post, and SUPER BAA SUNDAY was born.

Ravelry Group Badge

Super BAA Sunday Ravelry Banner / Logo

Super BAA Sunday is a day and a place to "knit, chat, talk sports (or not), and squee about commercials on one Sunday afternoon a year". It coincides with a certain football game that's going on right now. It's a refuge for those of us who are trying to avoid all things related to pigskin and sweat by losing ourselves in wool and lanolin.

It has a Ravelry group. It has 11 members (so far). It has a nifty logo and banner designed *cough* shameless self-promotion *cough* by me. I'm going to convince Lisa that it needs a blog and a Facebook Page as well.

We think it'll be an annual thing, and maybe it'll grow as big as Le Tour de Fleece and Ravelympics. (Maybe it'll even have its own domain name one day!)

But that means it needs to go viral, which means lots of cross-blog promotion. So head on over to Ravelry and join the festivities if you feel so inclined. If you're reading this on Monday, no worries, it's happening again next year.

And Franklin, we really do sincerely apologize for thoroughly hijacking your Facebook wall. The spirit of fiber overtook us—I'm sure you understand. :-)