Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out with 2009, In with 2010

So long, 2009, don't let the door hit ya in the @$$. 2010, good to meet you. I'm expecting you to be MUCH kinder and more interesting-in-a-good-way than last year was.

The year 2009 in review:


Key phrase:
...instead of focusing on the possibility of it, I shifted to focusing on making it happen.


Was really consumed with my new venture, the hand-dyed sock yarn shop. Spent the entire month daubing dye on yarn and stinking up the house with pickled sheep particles.


Launched YARNDEAVORS. Sold some yarn.


Just a bunch of random thoughts. It was a lovely spring.


Did a poetry exercise about how restless I was feeling. Read "Eat. Love. Pray." Played with GarageBand and taped my Parelli L2 rehearsals. Had a job interview (didn't get the job).


Hmm. Ranted about telephone harassment from a collections company that wasn't even for me. A post about positive thinking. I had a birthday.


Passed Parelli Level Two Online! Helped put up about 200 bales of hay at the barn.


Began training several young horses at the barn. Sold Grandma's house for half of what I was hoping for, but finally ending that nightmare. Discovered the wide world of FaceBook and promptly got sucked into the games. Found out an older cousin of mine took her own life.


Learned how to save a scorched pan. Sorted out property tax issues on the old house. Missed my blogiversary. Did a lot of horse training. Got a temporary part-time job doing phone surveys.


Won the property tax deal. Secured us a huge refund. Only posted once due to being at work during my usual online time.


Remembered that I knit. Worked. Delved into Cat Bordhi's first book about sock innovation and promptly knit a Woven Ridge and a Coriolis. Played way too much FarmVille, YoVille, Cafe World, etc etc. Realized I fail NaNoWriMo every time because I am not a novelist, I am a journaler (as opposed to journalist). Developed vocal issues due to the job (after weeks of rest, it is finally clearing up). Experienced two Thanksgivings. Found out BGSU no longer has a fibers program, and BG will soon no longer have a fabric store. This is clearly a precursor to the apocalypse, IMHO. Whined about robo-calls. Again.


One post, unless you count this one, and it was... a bit light.

Apparently, I've neglected my knitting and my blogging this year, and not very much happened to me that was at all interesting other than horse training and Yarndeavors. Which isn't always a bad thing. (Oh, Yarndeavors, uh, gee, I promise to remember you exist again...)

I struggled with poverty and self-sufficiency, until a miracle occurred and the estate FINALLY closed. I had a nice and very enlightening Christmas holiday with the family, and now it is the trailing edge of 2009 with 2010 in sight.

I'm looking forward to a brand-new year. At midnight, I'm pulling a Word of the Year out of a hat to serve as my intention for the year. Literally. I've printed out a list of words and as soon as this is posted, I'm slicing them into strips, folding them, putting them in a hat, and waiting until the ball drops. Then I'm kissing the cats on the lips, chugging some of last year's champagne, and letting the Universe tell me what I need most in 2010 when I stick my hand in the hat and pull out a word. My inspiration for this is Christine Kane, who blogged about the concept a few years ago and has revolutionized the resolution.

One word.

It's all you really need.

Have a safe, happy evening, and I will see you all next year.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Greetings of the Seasonal Variety

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Solstice. Whatever you choose to celebrate, please have a safe, wonderful one. I'm off to do the same, and there will be radio silence until the festivities are overwith. It's just too complicated to try to blog and visit at the same time.

No beautiful tree shots for me, nope. I enjoy my neighbors' creations instead. Though, I've finished all the shopping AND wrapping, and baked a few dozen cookies. Waiting for laundry to get done. Having a hard time believing I am this prepared in advance for a change. (Must take my temperature.)

My Xmas gifts to myself?
  • A cheapo TracFone so I have one for peace of mind
  • Car insurance (yep, I'm legal once again)
  • A brand-new Mr. Coffee to replace the one that keeled over a couple days ago. I guess asking them to last past 20 years is asking too much
  • Drawing and painting classes at the Art Museum starting in January (yippee!)
  • A Parelli Natural Horsemanship clinic with 5-Star Master Instructor Carol Coppinger in May for me and my steed (well, heck, if you're only going to ride in one clinic all year, might as well ride with THE best, right?)
  • New slippers!
  • And finally, permission to be myself. Now, and in all the coming days.
I didn't plan to get myself anything, it just happened that way. May you and yours have a blessed holiday. Check back with ya in a few days.