Friday, April 27, 2012

Blogging Ain't What it Used to Be

Honestly, since Facebook now allows really long status updates, I tend to post my deep thoughts over there rather than here. And since it allows users to set up Pages, I have Yarndeavors as well as my music stuff being promoted via the Face.

But I still have, and a Yarndeavors blog (sorely in need of updating). The shopping cart lives on Etsy now thanks to the h@ckers who h@acked my Zen Cart last year. I was not feeling very Zen about that at all.

So the update. It's Spring. The cats and horse are shedding. The trees are blooming. I have one more day left on my repeat of the temp assignment I had last year for tax season, then it's all up in the air from there.

My other house is on the market (again); so far no bites and the realtor keeps trying to get me to put money into it so it'll sell better. Honey, if I had any to spare, I surely would; besides, I already put all the money into it that I'ma gonna, and if it didn't sell when it had pipes and had already had money put into it, what makes you think putting more money into it to replace the pipes is gonna make it sell any faster? No logic there. It'd be nice to have a realtor who can actually SELL a house. Seems these days they all want houses that are easy sellers so they don't have to do the actual selling. (Let me tell you the woman who sold me that house SOLD it to me.)

But it's all good. The Universe provides. And it's Spring. That's a start. Now go buy some yarn or scarves at :-)