Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Missed It

Well, by golly, I missed Tuesday Insaknitty—Insanknitty—In—how the heck is that spelled, anyway?

My facial started late due to a mishap in the facial room at the salon involving a lit candle and a box of Kleenex. Did you know that Kleenex is extremely flammable? Neither did I. Neither did my poor facialist. Luckily we caught it just before it got to the curtain. Trial by fire, whoo boy! After she cleaned that up and aired out the room, it was down to business. My face feels and looks great if I do say so myself. But it put me off schedule. And traffic in Toledo was terrible today. Lots of idiots pulling out in front of me. One complete asshat in an SUV was in the lefthand lane at the light. I was on the right. We were both stopped by the red light. The green arrow came up—for the ones in MY lane to turn right if they chose.

Asshat actually blew through the light and turned!!! Right in front of me!!! A right-hand turn from the left-most lane!!!!!! Good thing I wasn't turning or I would be a squashed puppy.

Ass! Hat!

Then I got some news today I did not ever want to hear. Brace yourselves.

Tommy Hilfiger is no longer available in stores, according to the kind folks at Elder-Beerman and Dillards. AGGGGGHHH! This pains me greatly, as my very favorite jeans (Tommy's Boyfriend jeans) have developed holes in a most unsightly place. I will be sitting cross-legged from now on if I wear them in public again. I'd gone to E-B for a replacement pair only to hear this news. *sob* Nothing in their stock fit me well enough or looked nice on, so I changed course and went to Kohl's. This was not on the list of To-Do's. This was, however, on the way to another To-Do (return unopened music software I'd purchased last week).

Kohl's was having a sale, how thoughtful of them. I'm amazed. I found THREE pair(s) of jeans that fit, look nice, and are comfy. And they were on sale. Yay! This is good, because there will be events upcoming for which new jeans will be required. Then it was on to the music store to return the software. What happened was that I had purchased a lesser version of it at one store, not realizing it was not the most current version despite what I was told. (Big Box Guitar Store. Hate it.) Happened to call Old Haunt guitar store to inquire and confirm this, and found out the truth. Headed over to Old Haunt to buy current version of more expensive software. (Why I didn't just go to Old Haunt in the first place was because I'm "known" around there, haven't been there in over a year, and wasn't in the mood to share "whatcha been dooin'" stories that day.) Got a discount. :-) So today I attempted to return lesser software to BBGS.

Entered store. Waited an interminably long time for the Receipt Police to acknowledge my presence at the door. They must frisk you coming and going, you know. Wouldn't want a guitar pick to escape unpurchased.

Did you know that anything returned to BBGS before the ten day period cannot be refunded? You must return it precisely between Day 10 and Day 14. Excuse me while I sneeze (*bullshit*) —ah, that's better. Because I'd paid with a check, I would get a check in return. IF I returned it after Day 10. Make another special trip up to Toledo to return it after Day 10. The other option was to get a credit account for stuff in the store. I asked if I could get a refund on that later. I was told the guy was pretty sure I could.

I said "OK. Would you please confirm that before we process it?"

"Sure", says the guy. "I'm pretty sure they'll do it."

*ahem*. Pretty sure? Sorry, not good enough. Before I sign over the rights to my money, I wanna be SURE, not pretty sure, that I'll be able to get it back in greenbacks when I want it, not take it in guitar picks and strings because I have no choice.

One more time.

"Yes, but I'd like to have that confirmed as an absolute, please, before processing it. If you wouldn't mind." *big smile, bat eyelashes*

Guy looks nonplussed. Blinks. Picks up phone. Dials number. Asks question. It's confirmed. Thank you, go ahead and process it. Wait an interminable amount of time for a receipt.

Then head over to Target because my toilet paper is on sale (hey, ya can't beat a deal where you get two 12-packs for $12 bucks, right?).

Then darnit I was on E, so off to the gas station. Well, by this time it was after 7:30 and I was starving. I resigned myself to a knitless night and headed for home. So, here I am. I wonder what juicy news I missed tonight? Sadly I am all out of juicy news for the time being. Hopefully that will change. Soon.

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Minor Update II

Horrible. I washed and blocked all 16 of my TKGA Master Hand Knitter L1 swatches over the weekend and to my utter horror, learned a tragic lesson in gauge and why it is so important to wash and block gauge swatches before beginning any projects.

My swatches GREW. Enormously.

My four-inch swatch became 5+ inches upon hitting the juice. Dear God. No amount of scoonching and squinching would make them conform to anything close to four inches.

With much resignation, I dug out smaller needles and worked up two swatches of garter and stockinette and washed and blocked. Huh. I used the same yarn—different color—and needles one and two sizes smaller... and got two swatches that are perfectly four inches. Shouldn't one be smaller? (Or was I distracted watching Sid & Nancy for the 45th time and didn't notice I used the same size the second time?)


Oh, well. I guess I'll reknit a couple on the #7's in the off-white yarn and see if the results match. This means, sadly, that I will not make my self-imposed deadline of one year by mailing them on the 31st. Oh, well.

Cleanliness. Organization. Words that, when used in a sentence along with my name, used to invoke giggles from my friends. I'm pleased to report that the small bathroom has achieved a state of dirt nirvana. It is CLEAN. It was swept AND mopped. OK. So I've managed to sweep and mop an entire 24 square feet of a 1400 sq ft house, to take out five bags of garbage, and to sweep up dustbunnies from the kitchen and utility room. It's a start. One room down. Nine to go.

The Big Secret
Getting closer to The Reveal. The timetable shifts now and then, but otherwise it's going as planned. My phone bill may be enormous. Is 7.5 hours a long time to chat?

Success! The drum tracks for the test file arrived, my bass part went down easily, I uploaded it to the brand new Wiki the keyboardist set up (we are SO techie it's disgusting), and the guitarist has downloaded it and is working on his aspect. I just picked up a copy of Cubase Studio 4 recording software, and I'm learning to use that. Why, when I have a 24-track digital recording machine? Uh... because everyone else on this project has it? So file transfer will be easier. Move over, graphics software. The audio software has taken over.

Other Changes
Somebody actually made it to the gym four times in two weeks. Somebody actually might stick with it this time. It helps that the community center is so nice, clean, modern and accessible, and that there is rarely anyone in there during the hours I prefer (I like to workout pretty much alone).

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

People Are Strange But Some Are Fun

So I just got a call from a cousin in Southern Ohio regarding my grandma's house. Apparently, because we are selling off "the family home", my sister and I are in deep doo-doo and everyone is mad at us. I had called this cousin last week to ask questions that might help us with the decisions surrounding the house sale. I picked this cousin based on the strength of the cousin's relationship with my Mother.

Seems I picked wrong.

Not a very nice call.

It was one of those calls where the words sounded nice, but you could feel the revile rolling off of the person and the bitterness and anger and downright ball of snark being directed at me.

I guess if we sell off Granny's home, Sister and I become persona non grata in the family.

Another of my mother's cousins down in Florida spoke with me a month ago. She is a very nice old lady. She shared with me the difficulty (emotionally) that she had with selling off her own large property down there—then she warned me. She said nobody in the family wanted her house, but because she sold it off, they were all mad at her and no longer speaking to her.

Oh, well.

They have had every opportunity to make us an offer. If they can't, or don't want to, and it gets sold to an "outsider", then they'll just have to live with themselves because I am not going to jeopardize MY future because of the threat of family snobbery. Let them snub me. If that's the kind of people they are, then maybe my Mother's family isn't as nice as we've all been lead to believe.

It is interesting how the TRUE personalities of people emerge following a significant death or life transition.


In other news, things are still progressing on the Big Secret Front. The funny thing is, it seems really huge to me, but I'll bet once the secret is out, everyone who is currently on pins and needles will deflate and say, "OH. Is that all it was?" Or not. Time will tell.

It was quite a rowdy, enjoyable time last night at the Yarn Haven Tuesday InsanKnitty (yay we picked a name!)! Finally I got to meet Becky! It was so crowded that Karen, Sarah Lou, Becky and I moved to the porch. The weather was lovely—a tad muggy but not too hot—and the innuendos and crazy stories were flying! Thank you Becky for righting my wrong. Silly me. I'd cast on and was knitting on a chemo cap in the round and put it down to go to the bathroom. When I returned, I picked it up wrong (or was laughing too hard to realize what I was doing) and accidentally short-rowed myself. I noticed the ribbing looked wonky after a few rows. Becky was kind enough to undo and reknit my work for me.

Anybody know if there is a big market for Gorilla-Butt Shavers?

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Minor Update

The Big Secret
So far, things are moving along nicely. There are good reports arriving from points West. The timetable appears to have moved up by a couple of weeks—fingers crossed. It will be great.

I know I haven't posted many photos here lately (of yarn, anyway). As a reward, I'll post some of my latest Stash Acquisitions, just for sticking it out this long. ;-) I have completed all 16 of my TKGA Masters Level One swatches. They just need washed, blocked, woven in ends, labelled, and packaged up. I'm in the middle of the hat. Yes, it's a low-key knit. But that's OK, as my mind is still a ball of mush and thinking (ie doing cables) is difficult for me right now. If I keep at it, I'll make my goal and have this out the door before the end of the month.

I'm also still working on the Waving Lace Socks and have added the Spiralling Sock from one of my KALs to the list. Too many socks. Not enough time!

Hurrah for me, I've written a song. I'm 95% certain the latest edition of the lyrics is the final cut; but that could change depending on what my muse decides. (My muse being that great creative force in the sky.) Why this is monumental is because I haven't written a song since my parents became ill, let alone pick up my guitar. But I got all the recording gear set up, and Ron had emailed me some music needing lyrics, and one of them really struck a chord with me (no pun intended). I work in spurts. I listen, I hum along, I see where the melody wants to go. Then I mumble any snippets of words that come to mind. When it stops freeflowing, I stop, put it away, and let it marinate. I've been humming this song to myself for a week straight, watching it write itself in my head. I'm pretty satisfied with the latest version of the lyrics, but I'm not sure I've quite said what I want to say exactly how I want to say it.

Still, it feels good to be back in the swing of it again.

Do I have horses? I seem to have forgotten again.

All fine and furry as usual.

Estate BS
Still BS. But we're close to finishing up. Good, because I'm so tired of it. I want it wrapped up and the spoils dispersed equitably and ASAP. I've been living under the black cloud of this stuff for a full year now, following almost a full year of watching the parents go downhill. It's time for a positive change. It's time to get out from under the cloud, back into the sunshine, and live again. My horoscope swears that as of or around September 28th, I'll enter a fantastic period that'll last through May 9th where basically everything I ever wanted will arrive. Buh-RING IT AW-won!

Hopefully I have the winning ticket tonight. We'll see.

That's all, folks.

Oh, yeah, pictures.

Dalegarn Tiur for the Winter Garden Socks (from Knit Socks!)

Sleeping Dragon Sock Yarn in Roses & Chocolate

Twisted Fiber Arts Arial Sock Yarn in Regiment

Hopefully these are visible and clickable. First time using Flickr to post (usually I use PhotoBucket). This is just a taste of what I snagged at Threadbear two weekends ago. Yuuuuumy. Sock yarn. *sluuuuurrrrp*

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Saturday, August 11, 2007


Patience is something I am working very hard at learning. So is biting my tongue until the appropriate time. Let me tell you how damned difficult that is, because I feel like I'm gonna SPLODE!

I promise, as soon as I'm positive things are cemented firmly, all will be divulged here. I'll say this, though. It's NOT a baby, a book, or a job. But for me, oh, "how wonderful life is..."

So just keep your appendages crossed, keep sending out good vibes. If it's going to fall into place, it will do so within the next month (4-6 weeks).

Whew. Boy, I hate not talking. It's just, I know me. In the past when I've gotten all excited about something, and gone blabbering about it to all my friends, something has come along and ruined it (and I've looked like a starry-eyed idiot building castles in the sky). So you can understand my hesitation. No way am I gonna have a premature giddysplode this time. THIS IS HAPPENING. I'm making sure that my intentions and actions align with that perfectly to ensure it.

I'll say one thing. It has something to do with the band. I'm betting that smart readers will be able to glean clues if they go back to my long band post and read between the lines.

Oh, and Mom and Dad would, surprisingly, approve wholeheartedly. ;-)

(I know. I'm evil. I'm sorry. When I believe it myself, I'll fill you all in.)

Friday, August 10, 2007


Oh. My. God.

I had a very interesting phone conversation last night during which the MOST AMAZING THING transpired! Because I don't want to jinx it, and it's all happening so fast and with a twist I wasn't expecting (but a good twist), I'm withholding the details until everything is settled in. (Stick, you're the only one who might know what I'm talking about!) It is KILLING ME that I can't discuss it yet because I want to scream it from the rooftops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(You know me. I'm not the multiple exclamation type of person.)

So all I can say is that right now I am a highly combustible mixture of being:
  • absolutely terrified BUT
  • in a really good way AND
  • out of this world happy AND
  • finally believing that maybe, just maybe, dreams can come true and we can live happily ever after
My life. How it has changed in the past two years. Some of those changes are of the type I never want to experience again. Some of the more recent ones... keep 'em comin'! :-)

Well, the horoscope did mention something about coming out of a difficult 2.5 year cycle and that once it's complete, great things finally start coming my way.


I woke up this morning feeling so surreal (but in a good way) and wondering if it was really happening or was just talk... but the emails waiting for me this afternoon proved that it IS INDEED real.

To quote Miss Penny Lane (and Polexia Aphrodisia) in "Almost Famous"...

...it's ALL happening....

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

My Sockaholism Problem

Yep. I belong to five Sock KALs. Three have a strict schedule; the other two are looser. I belong to:
  • Ravelry's Sock Knitters Anonymous (SKA)
  • Yahoo! Group Six Sox KAL (maybe it's Six Socks)
  • Sockamania! (regular KAL)
  • Yahoo! Group Socken Kreative Liste (SKL, the German sock group)
  • Favorite Socks KAL (Interweave Knits)
SKA (visit ravelry.com) has a tight schedule. Every month, we CO a new sock. We choose our pattern from one of two categories for the month: Designer or Technique. We have two months to complete the pair. Two photos must be posted to the KAL: one WIP and one FO. That means at the end of every month, I need a finished pair starting in September (For the Aug/Sep pair). They overlap.

Six Sox provides the pattern every two months with two months to finish. Not as strict about photo posting, though.

Sockamania provides the pattern every month with one month to finish.

SKL provides the pattern, very loose about finishing.

Favorite Socks is ongoing so take all the time you need.

In addition, there are a few patterns I want to knit all on my own.

I realized I had to get organized to keep up with the Sockaholism.

Excel to the rescue. (Output before discovering the 5th KAL)

**Edited to replace with revised Five-KAL Schedule**

Sockaholism Schedule Revised
Originally uploaded by jrberry63

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Sock Stash Knitting

It's live.

KFYSS 2008 (Knit From Your SOCK Stash) is live and bloggable. The template needs tweaking (danged free blogskins, the Blogger bar is missing from the top) but otherwise, we're launched.

The Rules are up. To summarize, once you've committed to KFYSS2008, you must use stashed sock yarn for all socks knitted during the year (until September 30th). There are a few exceptions—if you're in sock KALs like I am, you can buy KAL-specific yarn. But the rules are, I hope, structured in a way to prevent the workarounds used to justify sneak purchases.

If you buy it, you must use it immediately. That's the gist of it.

Please note: let's avoid the whole "trying to kill the LYS" nonsense that went around last year after the rise of the original Knit From Your Stash. I'm not suggesting we buy no yarn; merely that we examine our sockaholism and try to get it to a manageable level by curtailing the "buy now knit later" mentality that is so easy to get into when dealing with socks.

Socks are small, quick, and require one or two skeins of yarn. The very beauty of the sock is also its danger. It is so easy to lull oneself into thinking, "it's only ONE skein". But one skein leads to five which leads to a stash closet larger than one's wardrobe (including the "I'll fit into these someday" clothes) and pretty soon, well... it isn't pretty to watch.

Think about it. One skein of handpainted such as my fave, Mountain Colors or Lorna's can go for anywhere from $10-20 per skein. Let's use $15 as an average. Say that every weekend, you get your paycheck and go to the yarn store. You pick up one or two skeins of sock yarn. It's only $30, right?

Multiply that by 52 weeks in the year and you have spent $1,560 dollars (one thousand five hundred and sixty dollars) on SOCK YARN and you have 104 skeins of sock yarn in your stash.

If it takes you 20 hours to knit a sock, you'll need 2,080 hours to eat up that stash or 86 days—that's 24 hours straight—to finish them. If you can knit four hours per night per week (after work, not counting weekends), it'll take 104 weeks to knit through the stash. (Also note I'm not a math whiz—if you see an error, please correct it.)

So at that rate, a person can knit about one skein's worth per week (one pair). If you knit faster, I commend you. But I can't. So I see the danger. I probably have about 25 skeins or sock projects on the dockets (pre-Ravelry organization, it may be worse).

Something's gotta give. Besides my closet doors.

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Knit From My WHAT? (A Novel)

My stash?


That Knit From Your Stash 2007 thingie?

Not working for me.

I set up my rules. I thought I'd be safe. I didn't count on a little thing called Sockaholism. Apparently, I need more than just a 12-step program and regular meetings. I need a goldurned Intervention.

My rules:
  • sock yarn is exempt
  • gift yarn is exempt if there's nothing in my stash already that'll work
  • one Get Out Of Jail Free card
  • yarn for dyeing experiments is exempt
  • all UFOs must become FOs before COing a NUFO of a similar nature
My problem:
  • I'm only knitting SOCKS. Sock after sock after sock after sock after sock.
  • OK there are TWO hats (TKGA L1 project and a chemo cap for Yarn Haven).
  • My stash = wool, alpaca, mohair, silk, acrylic and blends of all; my color range = purple, red, emerald, teal blue, black, hot pink. My gift recipients = allergic, itchy, cotton-and-acrylic-lovin' freaks who like yellow, orange, peach, acid green and other colors that on my body cause perfect strangers to hand me a bucket and run.
  • I used my GOOJF Card in March, then I gone and dun it again two weeks later. True, the second slip up was mostly books and spinning fiber, but it was a hefty load of cabbage.
  • Only six skeins (so far) for dyeing: two for the workshop, three cheapo Patons Classic Merino Wool and today, one skein that literally had my name on it:

  • There are so many UFOs floating around here it looks like Roswell in 1947. Does that stop me from casting on again? Uh, no. No, it doesn't.

Then I went to Threadbear today.

Regrettably the purpose of my mission was NOT to attend Annie Modesitt's workshop though I would have liked to have participated. It was a bizarre coincidence that we were at the same place at the same time. I saw Annie, we made eye contact, but didn't officially meet as she was in the middle of her class and I was shopping. But I was surprised that she was much taller than I am (I'm 5' 8"). Yes, I should have thought to snap her photo with my cell phone, but I'm so new to this Knitting Celebrity Thing that I'm not yet in the cellpix mindset.

No, my mission was more mundane. My dear friend B's birthday is tomorrow. She's very much into stained glass, and Lansing hosts a rather large stained glass outlet. When I heard she was planning to trek up there, I mentioned the yarn store. ROAD TRIP!

I arose at 6:30 AM. Yes. The exact time I arrived home two weeks ago from the band meeting. B and I hit the road by 7:30. Had breakfast at a sit-down restaurant along the way. Did the grand tour of Michigan's rest areas (due to the coffee consumption). Visited the glass shop. She strangled her credit card and bought some glass and a kit. I was unaware of just how beautiful sheets of colored glass can be (almost as luscious as yarn). I planned out the cabinet inserts for my future dream kitchen, my bathroom, my foyer... uh... right.

Reality. Sorry. I'm back now.

On to Threadbear. Thank you, Sarah, for that tip about the Quilt Shop. Without it, we'd have passed Threadbear for sure. First impressions: It's huge. It's bright. It's stuffed with yarn. I grabbed a basket and started with the dyeables. Then I inquired as to the location of the sock yarn. When the saleslady (whose name I've misplaced) directed me to aisle after aisle of sock... *sigh* yarn.... I actually felt woozy.

Guess what came home with me?

SOCK YARN. That's it. Juuuuuuust sock yarn.

Well, OK, mostly sock yarn. There were a couple of skeins for non-sock gifts as well.

Here's the scary part. I didn't just go grab random skeins from the shelves in wild abandon. No. I went with a VERY. SPECIFIC. LIST. The night before, I sat up late into the night and worked up a Sock Notes spreadsheet in Excel—after first working up a spreadsheet for my Ravelry Sock Knitter's Anonymous Group KAL (SKA) projects for the year:

I intended to stick to said list. I wanted:
  • 2 skeins dark and 1 skein light of Lorna's Shepherd Sock for Scala
  • the 5 skeins of Dale of Norway TIUR required for the Caspian Sea Socks (free download when you joing Knitting Daily) planned for SKA Project #2 (Toe-Ups)
  • the 4 skeins of TIUR necessary for the Winter Garden Socks from Betsy McCarthy's book Knit Socks!) planned for SKA Project #3 (Nancy Bush pattern)
  • some sock yarn to dye
  • Lanaset Dyes (if available)
  • size 0, 1.5, and 2.5 circulars (16"-24" for socks, natch)
  • (OPTIONAL) one skein each of the required yarn for Cookie A.'s Pomatomus and Red Herring, Sockbug's Crooked Cable, and Domesticat's Zephyr (all socks)
  • to look at the swatches for Kauni that had just come in (not doing the Rainbow colorway that everybody and their sister is doing—yes, the one upon which the Harlot has been slaving away)
What I acquired (in less than an hour):
  • Yarn for Scala except there wasn't any solid Lorna's—I'm substituting either Drop's Alpaca or Lanett (six skeins total, two different color combos)
  • the FOUR skeins of Dale of Norway Daletta* (four because I'm an idiot and just realized I forgot to get the second skein of Rose—gaaahhhh! and because Tiur is being discontinued and the colors I wanted weren't available in Tiur) for the Caspian Sea Socks
  • the THREE skeins of Dale of Norway Tiur with an optional contrast color (because I couldn't decide between natural/rose/green or natural/rose/grey so I got green AND grey AND because I'm an idiot and again failed to realize I needed TWO skeins of green, not one) for the Winter Garden Socks
  • some sock yarn to dye (Kraemer "Jeannie", with my name on it)
  • no dyes (no dice!)
  • no needles because I still can't justify Addi's
  • (OPTIONAL) one skein each of Twisted "Arial" in Regiment and Sleeping Dragon Handpainted Sock Yarn in Roses & Chocolate intended for two of the four extra socks
  • 2 skeins of mohair for a neckwarmer for B (she picked it out)
  • one skein of Schaefer "Lola" for B—OMG! The Barry Manilow reference just hit me which is so ironic because B is the BIGGEST Manilow fan in the world ("her name was Lola, she was a showgirl...")—for a pair of toe-ups because she picked up a skein featuring a colorway that perfectly coordinated with the shirt she was wearing and I had to go and say "Oh, you need a pair of matching SOCKS, don't you?"
  • the Summer Spin-Off (for the article "Dye your own self-striping yarn!") which for some reason I'm beginning to think I might have already purchased (for the very same article)
  • a good idea about the Kauni swatches. For a more subdued but equally-effective Kauni, I'm planning to get the two colorways in the brown/gold/wheat tones—one is light, the other dark. It's special order so I can sit on that for awhile
*Actually that's 3 skeins Daletta and one skein Heilos that I'm trading in for the same color in Daletta because Heilos is scratchy compared to Daletta

Did I mention that I actually PUT BACK one skein each of Cherry Tree Hill, Colinette Jitterbug, Trekking XXL, another color of Tiur, and something else I've now forgotten?

Did I mention that I somehow I forgot to grab the second skeins of two colors I need for two of the patterns?

Did I mention the shop is two and a half hours away?

Did I mention that occasionally I have a synapse misfire that causes me to forget little details like second skeins of discontinued yarn that may never mate with their own dye lot again?

Following the yarnage, we scavenged for food but we nearly didn't get any. The Middle Eastern place we'd mapquested isn't open on weekends. We chose to drive down big roads that logically should have provided all manner of sustenance, but were riddled with questionable housing and a QD convenience store (Hot Coffee! Fresh Donuts!) on every corner. We were nearly to the highway entrance when we spotted a sign for Sahara's (no webpage). We were in the mood for Indian, but in a pinch, Lebanese will do. After hummus, pita, mango smoothies, samosas, chicken soup for B and green bean stew on rice for me, we hit the road again.

Since then, I've been battling with Flickr to acknowledge my coughing up the dough for a Pro account so I can have more than three measly sets because Flickr is the preferred photo host of Ravelrers everywhere (so I can move all my photos from PhotoBucket and cancel that account? Oy, the blog nightmare that will be). Flickr gladly took my money but has yet to change over my account. When it does, I'll be able to post the photos of yarn that I actually took this time! (Because I only want to upload them to ONE photo host because of the Ravelry thing.)


You wanted a total?

Gee. I thought I could squeak by without divulging.

I paid cash. I "found" the emergency cash stash I'd forgotten I'd stashed away. Don't worry, I saved some of it. I only spent $192 dollars.

This is my official resignation from KFYS 2007. I give up. I tried all summer but that "sock yarn doesn't count" clause did me in.

Next year, I'm hosting Knit From Your SOCK Stash 2008.

Any takers?

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