Friday, May 29, 2009

I Got An Interview!

Praise God, Hallelujah, I FINALLY got a job interview!!!

It's 20 hours a week at minimum, but IT IS A START. Let the floodgates open, let the interviews flow in, let the income roll, let my life turn around for the positive!

AMEN HALLELUJAH AMEN!!!! Thank you Big Guy in the Sky!

This and an acoustic gig, and I might just make it.

Cross yer digits, and keep me in positive vibes Thursday afternoon. :-)


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Heart iMovie and GarageBand

Because they allowed me to compile this little ten-minute movie with a soundtrack, using loops in GarageBand. I was just playing... but how totally fun is this?!? It's an outtake from one of my L2 rehearsal sessions, plus a bit of riding to prove I can canter on him. Enjoy.


Eat. Pray. Love. Help

Just jumped on the Elizabeth Gilbert bandwagon. If you, like I, have been under a rock for the past year or so, then allow me to highly HIGHLY recommend (INSIST) that you read her book "Eat. Pray. Love". Despite what the negative comments on Amazon say, it's phenomenal. I "get" her. She and I could be best friends if we ever met.

The post today takes its cue from something Liz did at the beginning of her journey. While driving through Kansas with a friend, she was inspired to write a petition to God to help her solve a huge problem. She shared it with her friend, who said, "I would sign that," then asked, "Who else would sign it?"

Thus began an hour-long call-out of names of folks, living, dead, related, not related, famous, family and otherwise, who were "signing" the petition to God. After each name, the other would say, "S/he just signed it!" After exhausting the list, Liz took a short nap. Ten minutes later her cell phone rang with astounding good news.

This book gives me shivers, did I mention that?

So here is my petition to God. I'm asking for reader help. Read it, and "sign it" in the comments. After you hit "submit" on your comment, say out loud, "I just signed it!"

Spread the word to everyone you know and send them over here to sign it, too. My goal is to reach 100 signatures. If I get there, I'm not sure what will happen—maybe a drawing or something, perhaps for yarn (of which I have too much).

Dear God,
Please intervene and help me end this period of financial trouble. I've failed at independence, and I'm failing those whom I love and who are under my care; and I'm failing those good-hearted people who provide me with the services and supplies that make our lives possible. This is causing suffering for me and for them, and it's especially unfair to the others to whom my troubles cause suffering, because they did nothing to deserve it. They experience it merely by association with me.

I realize I'm not the only one going through this kind of thing, nor is my situation the worst of all of them—but each of us makes a contribution to the overall economy that is integral to its structure. When even one cog is out of place from the wheel, the repercussions are felt worldwide.

It is my most humble request then, that You help me end this period of poverty, and restore me to good financial health so that I, my cats, my horses, and all of those to whom I owe money—as well as those whom I could help out financially—can have the chance to live comfortably and worry-free once again.

I thank You for Your kind attention.


Saturday, May 09, 2009

Rest Less

My God, I feel so restless I could jump out of my SKIN and
          nothing seems to abate it

It’s been windy all day, blowing blowing blowing,
          even the air seems not to want to stand still

I putter about try to find something to occupy but nothing focuses
Nothing wants my attention on it for too long
I want to run, but I don’t know where I’d go
Driving takes gas and gas takes money and money takes time to make,
          more time than to spend

Every room feels itchy
Now the sun shines, offering itself as consolation for the edgy breeze
There is no potential now, the day is nearly done
But I still wanna run
And I don’t know where
Just out of my skin, please

©2009 JRB


Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Because I have no real news, I stole this from Nicole's Blog:

Song I Can't Stop Playing Over and Over Again:
"Through Your Eyes" (Bambi II, Martina McBride, because it so totally describes my relationship with my horse)

Make for dinner tonight: "not" dogs and mac n cheese.

Currently drinking: milk

Playing on the iPod right now: no such device in this house!

Currently reading: "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac. I'm only about 30 years behind on my classics. ;-)

Laughing about: "The Engineer's Guide to Cat Yodeling", which is really hysterical after about 1:11!

Currently knitting: a sock, I think. Oh, actually, I've been crocheting more recently.

Anxiously awaiting: a job interview

In need of: a job

Playing on the iPod now: No such device, I said!

Will soon attempt to learn: how to jump my horse over things (on purpose)

What's keeping me busy: applying for jobs

Hyped up about: God

Waiting for: someone to hire me for a JOB

Something I need to do tonight if it kills me: return library books ON TIME (done!)

Craving: a thick, juicy well-done steak, sweet potatoes, green beans, and applesauce (see: "not" dogs and mac n cheese, above)

Hell hath frozen over because: I'm buying a used reel mower and actually mowing the lawn myself this year (and going green but not because it's trendy; because it's less expensive, no gas, lighter mower, easier to use)

Playing on the iPod now: This is getting redundant...

If I had magical powers: I wouldn't need a JOB because I'd have a billion dollars in my bank account right now

Can't believe: that I'm still looking for a JOB

Looking forward to: when I have a JOB

Also looking forward to: my birthday in June (only because it means I'm still breathing)

Trying to decide: whether to bother taping my L2 Online again or just wait and see if the first one passes

Must figure out: how to survive without a JOB unless I get one here soon.

OK, I guess there is a bit of news. A former riding buddy from my old barn died in a car wreck Sunday, she was close to my age and it really freaks me out.

What else? Uhh... taped my Parelli Level Two Online video, made the April 30th deadline (for a free assessment), not sure if it's gonna fly or not but if it doesn't, it was good practice.

Dyed a couple of skeins of yarn...

Cats and horses, all fine...

Cleaned out and reorganized the kitchen utility closet, the pots and pans cupboard, and what used to be the mixer/tupperware cupboard. Lots more room, stuff is put away, and I discovered that my Mother had five shoeboxes full of SHELLS from every beach trip ever taken (in the utility closet). Now—any idea what to do with the two half-full cans of PSSST! hair cleaner, circa 1970, that are not allowed to be punctured or incinerated?

Monday, May 04, 2009

Dear Anonymous Commenter

You read a post from three years ago at this link about the Celtic Cross scarf I was making as a Christmas gift.

You commented:
At 12:29 AM, May 04, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! I love the celtic braid you are making, the problem that I have is that I have search all internet looking where this pattern is sold and I can`t find it! please, where this pattern is located?

Thank you!

I'd love to answer directly, but you left me no contact information. But I will tell you this, in case it wasn't clear from subsequent posts: as stated in this post,

(it's an original pattern published by the yarn store's "house brand").

There once was a fiber store in town called Fiberworks Knitting and Weaving. The purveyor of said shop designed his own patterns under the name Otter Originals, one of which was the Celtic Cross Scarf I knit up. Unfortunately for Anonymous, not only is the pattern not published commercially, but the store went out of business a year or so ago.

However, I recall seeing a commercial pattern out there somewhere as recently as last month. I remember I looked at it, thought, "Gee that looks just like the Celtic Cross I made", and promptly forgot about it until now.

My suggestion: try Ravelry. Or look at or other commercial designers. It's out there. And next time, leave contact information. Thanks!