Saturday, April 30, 2011

Connecticut Kitten Rescue Needs Your Help

Robin Olson, of the blog Covered in Cat Hair, has cats of her own and fosters many through her organization, Kitten Associates, Inc. As we all know, rescues often come with medical issues, and vet costs can add up fast.

Robin has her hands beyond full with one of her personal cats, Bob Dole, as well as the latest emergency, an absolutely beyond adorable foster kitten named Cara Melle. Bob Dole was Robin's late mother's cat, and he's currently being treated for lymphoma. Cara Melle is having severe intestinal issues requiring an ultrasound at the very least, surgery at the worst. There are other cats with maladies, but these two are by far the most urgent cases.

Well, I would want someone to pitch in and help me if I were in that situation. Robin has two Chip In funds going on her blog, one for Cara Melle and one for Bob Dole. There is also a general fund on the KA website. If you have a few extra dollars to spare, please visit her blog or site and give what you can. We all love our kitties, we know how precious they are, and how agonizing it is when love just isn't enough.

From one cat-infested household to another, I wish you all healthy, happy furries.


And yes, one of these days I might actually get around to posting on a regular basis again. So far, not much going on. My insulin-resistant mare finally found a new owner, and bonus, she didn't have to move barns. With any luck, she'll be having a foal next year. All five cats are doing well. My gelding is plodding along nicely. I worked for an accounting firm for a couple of months on a temp assignment; currently seeking something else and enjoying my vacation in the meantime. There has been some knitting, mostly trying to finish the ever-present UFOs, most of which are socks.

Oh, and the Estate finally closed. Not that it's over yet. There is still an Estate tax return matter to deal with, a small bank account to distribute and close, and I'm still buried under a pile of Inherited Stuff™ but the lawyer finally said close it or be charged additional fees, so we closed it.

Anyway, that's the update. Now, go visit Covered in Cat Hair and sacrifice the price of one or two Starbucks for a worthy, furry cause. Peace out.

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