Monday, February 23, 2009

Staying Inside Until Spring

Dad would have been 91 today—Happy Birthday, Dad.

I honored him by performing a stunt unique to the elder set. I slipped on the ice while taking out the recycling and landed rather ungracefully on my keester on the cement. Everything appears to be fine, despite the stiff soreness. I believe my tailbone remains intact and parts are working as they should; though there is one part of me that I really cannot describe in public that feels as though it had something jammed up there. Ahem.

The upside is, since I went backwards and basically did a graceful butt-back-shoulder roll (in order), my knees completely avoided any contact with hard surfaces. Small blessings.

But I've decided there is no reason to venture out until spring thaw. Nope. None. Not even for mail. Until it melts, I'm staying inside where it is safe. (Do not mention this to the cats, lest they get the idea of becoming moving speed bumps.)

The project mentioned 20 days ago is nearly ready to launch. Stay tuned.

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009



Still out here. Just really busy and consumed with a new venture that I'll be launching very soon. Unlike my usual modus operandi, I'm going to sit on it until it's ready. But I think you will all like it. More later.

Until then, if it's radio silence from me, that's why. But I'm still here! Hope you're all doing well.