Tuesday, February 09, 2010

It Might Be Winter

Which explains the lack of posts. There isn't a lot happening around these parts, except for snow, snow, and did I mention snow?

So let's see...

Cats: improving/same. All urinary issues cleared up; Tyler, to my surprise, fell in love with the dog crate I bought (on clearance!) for his containment during his incontinent moments. He sat in it at will with the door wide open. Odd.

Zander is now on thyroid meds. Does not appear to be having any effect whatsoever.

Horses: fine, as far as I know. This is why we board.

Driveway: impassable (again).

Shoulder: unusable due to strained muscle from Monday's removal of Friday's snowfall in preparation for Tuesday's obliteration.

Sleep: interrupted (see "shoulder" above).

Reading: caught up on. Most recently read the entire series to date of Maggie Sefton's Knitting Mysteries (they get better with each book); "Madness" by Marya Hornbacher, a memoir about her life with bipolar disorder which was absolutely riveting; and am currently reading "Death By Darjeeling" by Laura Childs (first mystery from a series set in a tea shop in South Carolina—it fascinates me that she can describe a setting with such exquisite detail that within two sentences you are THERE).

There is knitting. It is baby-oriented. The barn manager is having twins in April, one of each. So I am knitting sweaters and crocheting bibs like mad.

TV: whatever is on. Project Runway. Hoarders. Paranormal State. DH, Grey's, Being Erica. So thankful for the movie package: on Sunday I watched "Coraline" (which, IMHO is NSFKids!!! Good grief!) followed by "Temple Grandin" (about the autistic woman who became a leading animal behavior researcher and autism advocate). Excellent movies, both.

Well, shoulder=sore and stomach=hungry, so... see you in the spring. Stay warm

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